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A Homespun Wedding – Before the Ceremony

I cannot repeat enough how utterly wonderful it was to have the castle and have almost everyone under one roof it gave the whole affair a family feel and I got to wander around that morning in my curlers. Everyone filtered though from having breakfast in the kitchen to don their finery and they turned out to be quite a dapper lot. I think that Joe and the rest of the boys started to feel really on edge after a while standing in front of everyone. Joe said he felt like he was waiting on stage with a full audience and no performance ready!

Having these candid shots taking whilst I was hidden away upstairs was such a treat and I have shared a fraction of them with you. When it is your wedding you feel as though there are huge chunks of the day that you miss in the whirlwind of activity that is why it is so nice to look back, enjoy cups of tea and precious memories.