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A Homespun wedding – boutonnieres


Joe was a complete novice when it came to the whole wedding thing. I myself, being somewhat older had already attended many a nuptial do. So when it came to what actually goes on Joe was clueless, when I asked the question; “would you like buttonholes?”, the answer I got was, “how else will I do my shirt up”.

After showing him a picture of what I was talking about the general consensus from camp Joe was mmmmm. Getting a flower boutonniere is surprisingly pricey, especially for something that would end up wilted and brown! When I saw the beautiful diy post from newlywed and blogger Mrs Elsie Larson, see her post here, I showed it to Joe. He seemed far more exited by the feathers than flowers. The added bonus is they won’t wilt so they can go in a wedding memory box.

Joe and the boys went for chocolate brown suits and turquoise ties and handkerchiefs. I chose feathers to complement this. As Joe was the groom and my favourite he had a small peacock feather in his also. I was very happy with the results and look how smart the boys look.


January 30, 2012
February 8, 2012