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A Homespun Wedding – My Vows

Pssst – guess what I got married today – depending on what time zone you are in I literally just got married. Don’t worry I am not so blog crazy that I have stopped the celebrations this is a scheduled post. I thought I would share this quick diy with you and get to show you my vows to Joe.

I knew that come the time to say my vows my mind would go blank and I would forget everything, I have always been very good at learning lines but these are emotional circumstances. Initially I was just going to write them down on a nice card or pretty paper. Then I found I had a fair amount of inkjet cotton leftover from another wedding project so my creative juices began to flow a little and I came up with this idea.

First I printed my vows out onto the inkjet cotton and set it with a hot iron. Next I chose some nice vintage fabric from my stash and used the machine to stitch the vows to the vintage fabric. 

After that all I had to do was trim around the vows and attach a small ribbon so that I could wrap it in a scroll. A really simple idea, and a cute way for my vows to be stored as a memory of the day.

I loved the fact that we wrote our own vows and that we got to keep our day really personal with a little help from our friends – I can’t wait to share more with you!

Mrs. Nicolette xo