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A Homespun Wedding – Red Velvet Cake

This is the first of many wedding cake experiments. I thought long and hard before writing this post, it would be very easy for me to keep all of my mishaps and errors private and present you with only perfect visions of my creations. Life is not perfect, life is a learning curve and after some deliberation I felt that it was important to share the whole of that learning curve with you as it would only add to the community created by blogging. I share with you, I and the wider community learn from your comments, I try again and the learning cycle begins.

I read many American based blogs and watch quite a bit of American telly so I was intrigued by the mention of red velvet cake. I searched the world wide web and found a number of red velvet recipes. The recipe I followed claimed to be the Waldorf Astoria recipe, I can only take it at it’s word.

A good cook I may be, but a great baker I am not. Brownies and Banana Bread aside my cakes are iced with mediocrity.

A Humble Start
Still doing well – lots of air!

Yeah! At least I achieved the scrummy colour.
Ready to go in a good quality Magic Line tin.

It looks like an airy cake
The still tasty but far too heavy result
So I ask you these questions and hope to receive guidance from your comments;

  1. Should I have used butter instead of the shortening that the recipe suggested?
  2. Is this just supposed to be a heavy cake?
  3. How can I keep air in the cake?
  4. Where did it all go wrong?
Loyal and wise readers, please help me!

February 6, 2011
February 14, 2011



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    February 8, 2011

    ur bananna bread rocks but your brownies fail up against mine lol xx
    love your fave
    lil sis

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    February 9, 2011

    Hi there
    No expert baker, but I'll add my two cents… I stick to butter when baking. Cream your butter and sugar for a long time (approx 5 mins)… I know someone that even put a tablespoon of mayonnaise in her red velvet cake and it tasted delicious. If you're into American style cakes, you should take a look at the Magnolia Bakery cookbook (Magnolia Bakery is the bakery in Sex and the City)… The cup cakes are delicious, but very sweet! Your cake looks great and the taste is all that matters! Lx