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A Homespun Wedding – The Invitations

Yeah! My first bit of wedding d.i.y. the invitations. Joe and I have wedding guest list that consists of 99% ‘out of towners’ and lots of the those live overseas so we wanted to get the invitations out as soon as possible to give people the opportunity to find cheap travel.

I did consider going down the more American route of ‘save the date’ cards, a practice that is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. Below are some wonderful examples of invitations I found as inspiration for you.

envelope wedding invitations – courtesy of bridal living.com

If you have to give your guests lots of information why not make this a feature of you invitation design like the design pictured above. The invites consist of a variety of printed sheets on different papers I think it has a real vintage feel, very on trend.

courtesy of storkie.com
themed wedding invitation
courtesy of homemade design

If you or your partner have a particular passion why not try to incorporate it into the invites such as the board game/wordie scrabble invitations.

kate aka Hurricane Me
both ‘Hurricane Me’ images courtesy of off beat bride.com

The two images of invitations were block printed. A printing block is something that you can create simply in a variety of ways.

Yellow printed map invitation – courtesy of lovely design.

If you have a talented friend you could request that they make things for you as a wedding gift that way you are not taking advantage of them financially. This is especially important if their skill is their income source – we all have to make a living!

As we already had all of the information required to send out the invitations I skipped the save the date stage. I wanted to chose a design that was repeatable and relevant to our day. I an experienced fabric screen printer so was excited when I discovered thermofax screens.
the screen itself

Thermofax is a similar premise to screen printing but are on a much smaller scale making them ideal for my wedding invitations. It is possible to have custom designs created but they already had a beautiful feather as a stock image. Since I am getting married at Featherstone Castle it seamed to be fate!

With so many overseas and out of town guests we wanted to create a collective online space for information. This way if anyone lost the information letter that arrived with the invitation they could still have access to everything they needed to know about our special day! Our wedding website was provided courtesy of the knot, take a look at our site here. They are a great online resource of everything wedding, the site is easy to construct from a template and gives you basic options to aide you in personalising your pages. It is also a great way for you to keep your plans on track and offers table planning tools etc… to help you once the replies start coming back

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January 19, 2011


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    December 6, 2011

    All these wedding invitation cards were fantastic the design, pattern of the card, style and every thing should be beautiful, really these cards are amazing everyone could inspired with these cards.