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A Homespun Wedding – Wedding Favours

This post is a long time coming and it was not until I was speaking with a friend recently about her upcoming wedding that I realised I had not shared it with you. Now we are approaching wedding season once more what better time to talk wedding favours. 

First of all the photo above is not our wedding, our wedding photos were awful, why is that you ask you are not bad looking. That is nice of you to say so and I am complimented by those thoughts as my imagination types them up but the truth is we had a really bad photographer, long story short I wish I had known this lady then. So if you are on the hunt in the north of England you will not go wrong with the talented Sarah Mason, she had her own post on here a few months ago and will be having another one soon, but for now enjoy her talent in the image above.

When I was growing up wedding favours in the UK only ever consisted of five sugared almonds wrapped in a bit of netting. The almonds represented the bitterness of life and the sweetness of love. Well thank goodness that tradition evolved as I find the bitter sweet sentiment a little depressing and it is much nicer to have a free reign.

When Joe and I sat down and started to think about wedding favours we really struggled. We both knew that we wanted to give people something personal and we didn’t want to go down a generic route of buying something online with our names printed on it. We also had the budget to consider, throughout the whole planning process we had an extremely tight budget guiding our decisions. Of course it isn’t a pre-requisite to give out wedding favours but so many people made such long journeys to come and celebrate with us and we wanted to acknowledge that. In addition to distance our friends and family played such active roles in the whole weekend that it was important for us to give people a token of our thanks.

Music is such an important part of my life and choosing the music for different parts of the wedding weekend was such an event in itself, (in fact I spent Joe’s stag weekend dressed as a Jedi making the making an eleven hour playlist), giving people a little something to listen to on their journey home seemed fitting. We chose a set of songs that we loved, I designed CD labels with my Spirograph, scanned it and played with the colours in photoshop before printing it onto label sheet.

To make them more personal I made a cute drawing with a small message from Joe and myself; on the reverse was the playlist. Looking at the drawing now it is still like looking into a mirror, sometimes I even astound myself. The playlists were printed up all that was left to do was design and make the CD envelopes.

Back in the day I was famous for my mixed tapes. Perhaps infamous is a more fitting term, the people receiving them had mixed emotions but I am sure deep down they found my eclectic taste in music charming. I made a drawing of a cassette tape as a homage to my tape making days using a special carbon pen and then printed up the envelopes with my Gocco printer. I love my Gocco!

When you think about wedding favours try to think of something that is pertinent to you both and don’t be fooled into thinking that more money spent means a better or more valuable gift. Something that you have created yourself, be it a small drawing or a poem of gratitude on a card it will mean more to the recipient than an impersonal expensive gift.

March 23, 2014
April 4, 2014