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A Moment Of Silence

Last week brought such sadness to Paris and France. I like most people in the world have an opinion on the events, in fact I like most have many. I also have questions and feelings about the whole week. This blog is not the forum for that but I live here in Paris, I have friends who were directly effected and such events have a ripple effect for us all so I could not let it pass by without doing something here.
What I have decided to do is to step away from recipes, craft and fashion to have a moment of contemplative silence. Tomorrow will mark the first of twelve days of no posts on Archie & The Rug. During that time I will think about not only the 12 journalists/satirists who died but all of the 17 deaths. I will think about all of their families. I will think about Raif Badawi the Saudi blogger who is jailed and publically lashed for publishing his thoughts. I will think of Ali Ferzat the Syrian cartoonist who had his fingers broken one by one for his anti Assad cartoons.
There will be no tags on this post as it is just to inform my readers of my absence. I will return on the on the 28th January with regular posting.
Many Thanks
January 13, 2015
January 28, 2015