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A New Home – A New Adventure!

I have been holding on to this news for a little bit of time as I am not one to tempt fate. I wanted all of the ink to dry on everything first, I now feel confident to go public with the news that Archie & The Rug has a new home!
Most people would feel daunted about the amount of work that needs to be done on the house but I am exhilarated. In all honesty work to do is a selling point, it is also a way that you can buy a house that would clearly be out of your price range.
This is not the first house that I have bought and done up but this one is different. This is not a house to do up and turn a profit this is a home, I hate to use the phrase but the ‘forever home’. This is the place that will have children running around in. I have already picked out Sebastian’s room. As soon as I walked in the place felt like home. I could imagine all of our things there. I could see Sebastian playing in the garden, I could see Archie sleeping in front of the fire. As I walked though it had everything on the wish list and more.
I will give you a full tour along with my plans for each room. So much work to be done, so many crafts, diy and blog posting to come. For now though here are a few snaps of the outside taken in February when I viewed the house. The top image is of the front door and part of the garden which is now the back, (I will explain that fully in another post), the bottom two photos are of the back door and the courtyard with outbuilding for storage.
April 26, 2014
April 30, 2014