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A Pin Curl Tutorial

Season after season of Mad Men I would sit and drool over the hair, and clothes and furniture and cocktails, but we are talking about hair here. Well after watching the new series Masters Of Sex, another 50s based show I could no longer continue without trying to put my hair in pin curls. The main character, Virginia often had her hair in pin curls in the evening so I paused on the relevant scene and attempted to recreate the look. 
Below is an image of how my hair looked whilst in pin curls, I don’t know about you but I quite liked it as a ‘do’ in itself. I even attended a mummy and baby group like that.
How to;
Start with slightly damp hair, ever so slightly damp. In fact you could have it completely dry and dampen it with setting lotion if you are truly committed to the 50s vibe. Part your hair how you would like it to be when finished. I pinned the parts of my grown out fringe down as I didn’t want to curl them. Section your hair off into sections about 3 fingers thick. Starting from the bottom of your hair make a curl, rolling under towards your head. Once you have finished rolling twist the loop so that it is flat towards your head and secure with pins. 
So to give you an idea of time, putting the curls in took me less time than blow drying or straightening my hair. In future I will take a little more time on the back. I left the curls in for 7 hours.
I had 7 pin curls on my head. You may want to change this for yourself depending on how much hair you have and how tight you want the curls to be.
Taking the curls out took less than five minutes. Then with a large flat paddle brush, this tool is vital, I brushed the curls out from the underneath.
I was pleased with the results, especially for a first attempt. The curls were done on a Thursday and my hair was still wavy on Sunday, and all of this was done without any heat damage on my hair so a double bonus.  I am still not as good as the Mad Men or Masters Of Sex ladies but hey they have on set stylists so I am letting myself off the hook.

April 13, 2014