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Adventures in wedding registry

One of the fun things about a wedding is that you get to eek out the fun. After the honeymoon you get the photographs back and last week we had a day out at John Lewis to collect the gift that our lovely guests bought for us.

I found the concept of making a list for gifts a really difficult one to reconcile myself to. I haven’t made a list since I wrote to Father Christmas! I have lived independently for more years than I care to calculate now so have no need for anything in the strictest sense of the word. The other thing is I was getting married already gift enough. However people did want to know what they could get so we ended up making two lists. One was more traditional gifts for the home, things we wouldn’t normally treat ourselves to. We also made a list with the alternative gift list. This site allows you to make a gift list for any occasion with charity donations. There was a wealth of national and international charity gifts to choose from such as; Age UK – keep out the old for vulnerable older people in need during winter months to Mercy Ships – cleft lip and palate operation. There are so many ways to donate on this site and a real range of prices. It meant so much to us to have wonderful things happen for others because of our happy day. 

At John Lewis they treat you to a free drink and cake when you go to collect your gifts. I can never resist a fruit tart and this was a particulary fantastic one. Joe had a mega chocolate muffin. and snapped some pics on his phone.