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Amara Blog Awards 2015!

AMARA Interior Blog Awards
I am thrilled and moved that I was once more nominated for the AMARA Interior Blog Awards. Last year I received the honor of being Highly Commended in my category of Draft/DIY my badge is displayed proudly to your right in the sidebar. It means so much to me that one or more of my readers took the time to nominate me again, so to whoever you are a big thank you.
To get shortlisted and be in with a chance of wining I need to get lots and lots of votes, so I suppose I should tell you how to vote for me. You can use the vote now button on the right sidebar or you can click this VOTE NOW LINK, (it is in capitals to show you how important this is to me.) Also research has shown that encouraging others to vote for me and sharing the link on social media makes you smart and sexy, who am I to argue with science?
I don’t just want to tell you to vote for me without telling you why I think you should so here comes the sales pitch. I have been nominated in the Craft and DIY category and my blog is simply brimming with that stuff. Examples of some of the wonderful things I make are in this very post and can be found on the blog. You can look at the archive pages if you don’t believe me; INTERIORS, DIY, WEEKEND PROJECTS, CRAFT/DIY, HOME. Also if you look at my HOME TOUR you will see that these projects are not going to slow down as I am embarking on a new adventure, buying a new drop saw and polishing the nail gun.
I create crafts and DIY for the home for all tastes and budgets. I am an advocate for upclycling and I ran a column in Reloved Magazine talking about it as well as appearing at the award winning Festival Of Thrift Festival, presenting on Channel 4s Sumperscimpers and The Ideal Home Show. But I am about more than thrift at the heart of everything I do is creating unique homes by rolling up your sleeves and making it your own!
You had the sales pitch now here comes the sob story. Last year through to circumstances beyond my control, but I will hint to you that Eurostar was involved I was unable to attend the awards. That meant that I did not get to meet the other wonderful bloggers in person, missed out on getting my highly commended in person and worst of could not collect my goodie bag. In the 19 wonderful months my baby has been with me I have only spent two short dinners away from him. I would not change my life he is my world but Cinderella would like to go to the ball so please vote. Here is the link in capital letters again VOTE HERE PLEASE.