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Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones

I have a new book! I am a huge fan of Amy Butler’s  fabric designs and am very excited about trying her patterns. Amy Butler is an American designer who is not afraid of bold colour combinations and large print designs. Her website is a visual inspiration and also has a number of free patterns to download. Amy’s fabric is available at a number of UK stockists but larger ranges can often be found via Etsy from one of the American sellers. I have provided links to a selection of stockists that I have used in the past at the end of this post.

I have a number of friends who have either recently had children or are about any moment now. I plan to live vicariously through their new babies and indulge them with home made goodies. A win win situation as far as I can tell.

This book, which I have already read cover to cover has a wealth of projects for all abilities and occasions. In the front cover is an envelope containing a number of pattern sheets. The patterns are all relatively easy to follow. Amy uses a 1/2 inch seam allowance in all of her designs which I feel is rather large however is better for beginners and you can always trim them down afterwards.

one of the fold out pattern sheets from the book

The other cool feature of this book is the large ring binding allowing you to open up the book fully without loosing any of the designs or instructions in the spine.

designs from the book

more examples of the designs in the book

The book has such a wide variety of projects from adorable outfits and more traditional items such as crib sets and snuggle blankets. To the more unusual gifts such as brag books and bed bugs. Of course this being an Amy Butler book there are a few of her signature bag designs. All of the projects in the book are shown using Amy’s own fabrics but work just as well with your own fabric choices.

clear, easy to follow instructions

Although I have written in a previous post about a quilting project I have already started, (and will be continuing), I just couldn’t resist trying out one of the quilts in this book. I chose to make the quilt/play mat. This quilt is large enough to create 2 crib quilts so that is what I have done. Here are some images of the work in progress.

I used a mixture of Amy Butler designs with a
green cotton print from my stocks
first I basted the layers using safety pins 
then I added large basting stitches
running in both directions

I will post photographs of the finished quilts as soon as I finish them. Below are links to Amy Butler stockists as promised.

Laughing Hens for patterns and books, they also sell amazing wools
The Cotton Patch for fabrics and general quilting notions
Nerybeth Fabric & Crafts for fabric
Gone to Earth for a wide selection

All of these stockists hold beautiful products from a variety of designers.

January 2, 2011