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Are We There Yet?

As a new mummy I envisage that I will be hearing the phrase ‘are we there yet’ a lot so I thought it an apt name for this post. For a number of years I produced and sold my artwork, this is not something I do now but being here in Paris and seeing tourists and students alike wandering the streets with their sketchbooks has really made me miss drawing. I thought that I would be inspired to start creating again if I dug out some of my old work to brighten up the flat. 

This piece, ‘And Then She Slept’ made the cut even though I never knew when it was finished. Something that I was guilty of is never knowing when I had finished a piece. I would stop and then suddenly I would find something else I wanted to add. This piece is a perfect example of this. I knew I wanted to add lots of hand stitching highlights that you would only notice when you closely inspected the work, but are we there yet? It seems that you can go on forever but there comes a time when you need to stop. In this case my desire to break up the blank wall was impotence enough to stop, this time. 

Do you have a similar problem when it comes to creative work? I am learning to overcome this by forward planning so I have a greater understanding of the finished work before I start – I will let you know how that plan goes!

February 2, 2014