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Autumn Brunch

Pears are in season and I am starting to embrace autumn with the creation of recipes, well what other way is there? The pears here in Paris are to die for, so juicy it was hard for me to leave any to cook with, they almost all somehow became eaten. A mystery I will not get to the bottom of. This recipe is simple to prepeare but will require a little glance back in time so that you can prepare some delicious  home made granola. I shared the method for this in this post. This time when I prepared the granola I omitted the dried fruit and the nuts.
I really love the sunshine but Autumn is my favourite season by far. I adore the colours, I love watching the light change daily. I get to scrunch through leaves, make things with mixed spice and wear scarves and hats. Do you have a favourite season? What gets you in an Autumn mood?
you will need; (per serving)
1 pear
2tbsp homemade spiced granola
knob of butter
1tsp mixed spice
2 quenelles of natural yoghurt
  1. Slice your pear and heat the butter in a heavy bottomed frying pan. gently caramelised the pears in the butter, sprinkling with the mixed spice on each side.
  2. Arrange the caramelised pears onto a plate and arrange your quenelles of yoghurt around the slices.
  3. Finally top with the granola and serve.

September 14, 2013
September 19, 2013