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Baby Water Play

Before I worked as a writer and presenter I worked as a project manager in the third sector, in the area of development. Development is such an all encompassing subject matter but when dealing with the complexities of human beings and human behaviour you need to adopt an all encompassing, holistic approach. My main areas were working on projects with young offenders, homelessness and community cohesion. Many of the projects looked into developing creativity in people. That could be any type of creativity. 
The importance of developing CQ, (creative intelligence) is vastly underrated, seen in some cases as hippy thinking or a slacker type. In fact there are huge links to show a correlation between a low CQ and anti social behaviour. You see creativity is not about creating a generation of artists but of people who think creatively. People who can approach science, business, the economy, in an innovative creative way. That is why my heart weeps when art is continually pushed out of existence in school curriculum’s. This next bit is very important and my mantra so I am going to put the whole thing in capitals and bold, yes it is that important. THE PROCESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE END RESULT. What that means in real terms is it does not matter if the creation in clay that your little one comes home with looks awful the importance of the lesson was the exploration of the material. Allowing them to fully explore and experiment with the world when their fresh and open minds as opposed to our older routined and conditioned approaches is how they train themselves to always maintain that freedom. It was very important to me to get Sebastian to explore and play beyond toys, that in their very creation are didactic to a certain extent. I am not alone in this thinking there are a number of education practitioners that you can read the teachings of that offer some great insight into this subject matter.
Water play can be done from an early age, and even a bath is an early form of them exploring and discovering. How much more fun it is when they are not being held in water but free to discover it safely.  From the moment your little one can hold their head up you can place them in a bumbo and hold a tray of water for them. They have even more freedom when they can sit themselves.
When I was working with families years ago too much emphasis was put on neatness and having no mess in the home. You can never be free of mess so I say let the mess count. Talk them through the clean up and as they grow they can assist you with this. A word on safety. I place a small amount of water in a shallow tray but you should still NEVER leave a child unattended with water they only have to cover their nose and mouth to drown. I am in no way a chilled out mum when it comes to safety but he is still free to discover and learn. As you can see he felt so free that he climbed into the tray.
I will be sharing more ways you can develop creative discovery and sensory play on here with Archie and The Rug’s newest member of staff Sebastian.