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Baked Apples – Superscrimpers buffet

Here we are as promised the next instalment of the Superscrimpers festive buffet from the Christmas special. These two recipes are even simpler to prepare that the ones I shared with you yesterday so you will have loads of time to make sure that you are looking your best for your party and still impress guests with food and drinks.
Baked apples stuffed with mincemeat and served with ice-cream
you will need;
An apple per person
2-3tsp of mincemeat per apple
ice cream
  1. Core each of your apples. You can use large cooking apples but after a big meal that can be a little over facing so I used just ordinary apples.
  2. Fill the centre of each apple with mincemeat, I used shop bought but you can use homemade if you prefer. Make sure you pack the apple tightly with filling.
  3. Place all of the filled apples in an ovenproof dish and bake at 180C for around 30mins/until the apples are cooked through.
  4. Serve warm with ice cream.
Take Care
Nicolette xo
December 21, 2012