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Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom inspiration
When it comes to bathrooms there are many styles I like from peaceful and rustic to opulent hotel, one thing I cannot bear is sea or seaside themed. I am sorry if this offends anyone but I just don’t like it, just because the room uses water it does not make it the seaside, okay rant over. As I said there are multitudes of styles that I would be happy with but my mind kept being drawn back to the months I spent in Morocco. I want to create a peaceful oasis of calm, at some point my house will no longer have a cute baby boy in it but a teenage boy and his friends, I feel I will need an oasis of calm.
So first of all let me talk about the layout. I will be keeping this pretty much the same apart from the shower cubical. I hope to raise this so that you step up to it and add a curved arch as the entrance similar to the one pictured below.
bathroom design inspiration
Instead of the tiled wall and step pictured above I have become obsessed with the look of a water poof plaster technique called Tadelakt. It is a lime plaster that is used in Hammams and can be shaped into baths, basins or shower trays,  so ideal for a bathroom. So this is the look I want, I have looked at pictures and research the method but have not dared to look at the price so a dream may stay a dream. Sometimes you can just feel it in your bones when something is going to be too expensive. The picture below shows how lovely it is.
Bathroom inspiration
If by some stretch of the imagination this method is in my price range or I suddenly become very rich I would like to keep the  floor tiled, crazy tile to be exact. Below are a few tile ideas that I am loving right now.
PiP Studio Bathroom Tiles
Mandarin Stone Tiles
Mosaic floor tile
There are other details that I want to include in my bathroom oasis that I have tracked down for a good price, after all the devil is in the details. Firstly the mirror, I fell in love with a mirror when I was in a toilet in a Parisian cafe. I found it, in Pottery Barn and boy was it expensive and on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean from my Yorkshire bolthole. My friend Matt found the same mirror in Paris for a fraction of the price!
Bathroom Mirror
You can’t create an oasis of calm without having a bath tub to soak in and I have not settled on one as yet but at the moment I am liking this double ended cradle bath.
double ended cradle bath
Last but certainly not least lighting. Bathroom lighting is a real issue for me as the lighting needs to be suitable for a bathroom zone so the choices become limited but rest assured I think I have found a light that will suit my Moroccan theme nicely.
bathroom lighting



  1. Reply

    just Gai

    August 13, 2015

    Oh dear! My bathroom is seaside themed, complete with fish tiles, prints of St Ives and a seagull mobile! I fear it would cause you considerable distress!

    However I do like the sound of yours, particularly the versatile lime plaster and the crazy tiles.

  2. Reply

    Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves

    August 15, 2015

    My mother in law has seaside too, the world would be dull if we were all the same xo