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Be My Guest – LA from Freckled Nest

Heart hearts

Hi 🙂 My name’s Leigh-Ann and I co-own Freckled Nest (w/ Kyla Roma) 🙂 I live in Winnipeg Canada, have two dogs with my boyfriend Keith, I have lots of fun in life and I work with my best friend in my dream career that I built from scratch 🙂 I’m a blog designer, online teacher and blogger and I have lots of little obsessions– one of them is lopsided hearts 🙂 So today, I wanted to share some that I’ve made or used in my work and thought it was quite suitable since Nicolette and Joe are so in love and getting married this week!! Congrats you two & thanks for inviting me to share on your blog Nic, I’m honored 🙂

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A little love story behind this page from my journal… when I met Keith, I really liked him but he was shy and I wasn’t sure how he felt about me. Valentine’s Day was approaching and I invited to my house for a homemade supper, very excited to cook for this man I was falling for 🙂 It was also an opportunity for a “test” 😉 I calculated– if he really likes me, he will bring flowers on Valentine’s day. I prepared a yummy dinner for us and as he walked to the door, I peeked through the curtains hoping to see flowers in his hand. My heart sunk– he wasn’t carrying anything. I opened the door and I’m not sure from where, he had a rose in his hand for me and I knew how he felt 🙂 I was sooooo happy and gave him the biggest hug 🙂

xo, Leigh-Ann


[All Pictures by Leigh-Ann/Freckled Nest]

September 3, 2011