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Bento box – craft

The past few months I have decided to crown myself the queen of the flea markets. I love a good self appointed title. I do think that this one is well deserved even if it is not completely accurate. Why you say? Well because some of my flea market crafts have in fact been free, what I lovingly call street treasure such as my fruit crate storage and my personal favourite the stool/table makeover.
This little bento box cost me a mere euro. At the local weekly flea market you will get sellers who have a blanket on the floor and they have emptied junk onto. Now in truth much of it is just that, unsalvageable broken junk but then you find a diamond in the rough, buy it, take it home and make it your own. That is what I did, I cleaned up my bento box and painted it with acrylic paint.
Do not be afraid to paint things, even if you think you are no artist a simple pattern will make a big difference.
November 8, 2013