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BHS High Street Lighting

the best high street lighting
I pride myself on buying unusual things for my home; I scour Ebay and flea markets, I find independent makers but every so often the high street blows you away and you have to hold your hands up and say hey you’ve won me over, or in this case write a blog post. Despite the somewhat frumpy image BHS may have their lighting department has always been pretty wonderful and I love that they offer a good range of ‘easyfit’ fixtures that have more of a light fitting feel but still attach the same way a lampshade does saving you electrician costs. Needless to say BHS are knocking it out of the park right now and keep making fantastic lights affordable. If you don’t believe me I have put together a collection of my favourites for you to peruse.
the best high street lighting
First up the cluster light, ever since the cluster light hit our stores it has been done well and appallingly, this one is fab especially styled with Edison light bulbs the smoked glass teamed with the industrial cages. This would look fantastic in a kitchen. Brass light fitting are all the rage but the price tag on most of them are way out of reach for the majority of us. I love this simple crackle globe light with a brass top.
the best high street lighting
Do not be surprised if you find this concrete lamp and copper cluster house in my home. I know copper and concrete are not new trends but they are not going anywhere and I believe they are modern classics.
the best high street lighting
The decanter lamp is admittedly kitsch but it is undeniably cute. For those of you who are not crafty and don’t feel like an upcycle you can still achieve the look with this lamp, how cute would it be in the dining room. I love this simple chandelier it really strips the design back to its simplest form whilst keeping an element of grandeur.
the best high street lighting
Here are two very simple lights using the lamp housed in a bell jar and a rustic beam that is simplicity itself.
the best high street lighting
The beautiful ceramic light is an example of their ‘easyfit’ range and I do own this I bought it for my master bedroom. The tripod light is a really well done example of this design and for a fraction of the cost of others I have seen.
So there you have it look a little deeper on the high street there are gems to be found.
February 27, 2016


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    Robbie Nevens

    June 1, 2016

    Love the bell jar lamp! It looks really amazing! But, I feel that you need some time to find them on your own. How often do you visit flee markets?