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Bibee Dresses

There are just times when work becomes the most fun ever as today I get to talk about Bibee dresses but better still for the past 2 weeks I have been trying my Bibee dress out around Paris, to see just how stylish it is, and Sebastian helped me road test it’s functionality. When I was pregnant last year I visited a maternity fair in Manchester, I was on my way to the airport, feeling ill and tired and walked around the whole event in somewhat of a daze. Despite all of that Bibee Dresses still stuck out in my mind, that is why I was thrilled to partner with them on this post.
First of all let me explain what a Bibee Dress is. It is quite simply a dress that will see you through from pregnancy to nursing and beyond. The dress is a simple shape currently available in short, which I wear in this post, or maxi. The dress can then be altered in a variety of ways. Believe me when I say the different looks achieved in this post are the tip of the iceberg.
There were a couple of issues I had with maternity wear. The first being that there was nothing on the market that looked nice and made you feel good to bridge the gap between looking bloated, which I was and looking pregnant. If you jump straight into maternity wear too soon you look silly so you have to buy clothes that hang off you or slob around in your husbands trackies. Neither of those are appealing options The way that the bibee dress is cut means that you can wear them as soon as you feel you want to hide a bumpy tummy. They flow over your shape gently so there is nothing pressing on you. I found that if anything touched my stomach in those first 14 weeks I would get sick.
The second issue I had with maternity wear was the expense, you only have a few months to wear anything you buy so you don’t feel like investing, particularly at a time when you have all the baby stuff to buy. Buying a bibee dress is different as it will see you through your entire pregnancy, nursing and beyond. Also you can change the look of one dress so much. So how does it work as a nursing dress?
To breastfeed your baby simply undo the buttons at one side and you have full access to feed your baby. There is a step by step picture guide to show you how they work on their site, follow this link.
I remember being shocked at just how pregnant I looked the day after birth. The fluid was out, I was holding the baby what was going on. Naive I know but you are still emotional then and the whole world and your mother in law are about to descend on your house and take photographs and you are not a bad mummy to want to look your best. The bibee dress is so comfortable, it does not crush easily and falls in a flattering way. You can run around after your little one whilst looking and feeling great, see.
This is me in the short black dress with the cowl neck bibee. Although the brains and driving force behind Nicola Norris is busy launching her new Autumn line she took some time to answer a few questions for me.
Q1. Apart from being a mum with a good eye for style tell me a little more about yourself? Do you have a background in design?
A1. No – I have no fashion or design experience what-so-ever! My background is more business focused and prior to setting up Bibee I was Client Service Director for a global lifestyle management company – basically you could call us from anywhere in the world needing something and we would sort it out for you 24/7 in over 10 languages. My team looked after all of the corporate clients – mostly the big financial banks.
Setting up Bibee came about because I couldn’t find clothes to wear during my pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding. I am not a slim person and have always had a hang-up on my stomach, so needed clothes that flattered and made me feel good about my lumps and bumps, but I couldn’t find this anywhere. I found the high street brands were really old fashioned, I hated wrap-dresses and the designer maternity brands all favoured skin tight dresses and skinny jeans – it was not a stylish time for me!
Q2. The range is classic, do you foresee further colourways in the future?
A2. Yes – we are introducing a printed dress for autumn/winter 2014 and bringing in teal colours. That said, I think our dresses will always remain pretty neutral as that is what most mums we speak to tell us they prefer. Classic colour dresses with the option to attach brighter dress-fronts – it gives greater wearability to the range. 
Short black dress teamed with the long sleeved breastfeeding friendly  t shirt & blue bibee
Q3. What is the future for Bibee products? Knitwear perhaps.
A3. Tunics launch in September 2014 – lots of mums have called us saying ‘we love your style and concept, but we don’t really wear dresses – could you make a tunic?’ – so we have. They can be worn alone (layered over another top), or with any of the dress-fronts so, like the dresses,  they are great for pregnancy and breast-feeding. 
Spring 2015 we have lots of growth – 3 styles of trousers, evening dresses, and two new day dresses. Plus our dress-front collection expands massively – it’s an exciting time!
Q4. What was your favourite part of pregnancy?
A4. I was really excited about being pregnant and I loved feeling the bump move – but I can’t say I loved pregnancy. I found it difficult.  I think motherhood is really difficult – rewarding but hard. 

Q5. I suppose we should find out your least favourite part of being pregnant?

A5. Dressing – during pregnancy I felt scruffy and frumpy and during breast-feeding I really struggled. I would have breast-fed for longer if I had felt better about myself and the way I looked and I think that is a situation which can correct – this is why I designed the Bibee range, because mums deserve clothes that function and flatter and make us feel great!
I couldn’t agree more, we just made a baby we deserve to look good. I wanted to show how you could team the bibee dresses with items you already have in your wardrobe just to further demonstrate how versatile they are. Even if you choose not to breastfeed you can still wear this dress to cover the lumps and bumps post birth. Just for fun I wanted to show you the maternity space you have in the dress. Enough room for Sebastian III, (we named the teddy bear Sebastian II so it stands to reason that he/she that comes next will be Sebastian III).
When you wear a dress with pockets it truly is a red letter day!
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dress, t shirt, and bibees c/o Bibee Dresses

September 2, 2014