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Black & White Guest Bedroom Inspiration

black and white bedroom

I feel very fancy having two guest bedrooms, until more children, (possibly) arrive.. I wanted a very different feel for this room. I wanted it to feel like a very cool hotel but I am adamant that I want it to still feel welcoming and have that ‘homey’ feel. From very early on I was set upon a black and white theme. It would be very easy for this to become too austere and cold. Like with most things in life that problem can be fixed with blankets, lots and lots of blankets. Adding warmth by using texture is a great trick. Just writing that sentence made me feel like a designer, but it is true and something you probably all do instinctively, see we are all fancy pants designers. 

The alcove is going to be my big woodwork project in this room with a cupboard to house the many board games I have collected and plan to keep collecting. This is a little peak at what the room looks like at the moment.
guest bedroom makeover

black and white quilt

I am going to attempt a contemporary black and white quilt, something in a nine square, I am using quilting terms to fool you into thinking I know what I am talking about. The truth is what I have in mind will be a real challenge as although I have made a number of quilts before the patchwork designs and the heavily printed fabrics I used have been very forgiving. I may be throwing myself at the mercy of the more experienced quilters in my family Marisa & Anna. 
black and white bedroom
black bedroom
white bedroom metal bedframe
One of the other ways I will give this room a softer feel than some of the examples I found on the internet is to not have a solid colour on the floorboards, instead a washed out distressed look will give a warmer feel. Of course this will be further softened by rugs, more texture.
white washed floorboards
December 16, 2014
December 23, 2014


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    December 24, 2014

    Oooh I am very envious, I would love to have a guest room to let loose my interior ideas on :O)
    Black and white will look very chic and stylish, especially if you soften it with fabrics and the flooring you suggest. I look forward to seeing the end result. Merry Christmas.