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Blog Love Tuesday

Here we are in the second of my new feature and it’s a roll over week! Why I hear you say, well here in the UK we had a Bank Holiday last Monday which, as always made me confused into thinking that Monday was Sunday and Tuesday was Monday. By the time I realised my mistake Tuesday had in fact become Wednesday. So here we are with 2 lovely Blogs to share with you. 

The first is called I Might Just Explode. First of all I was drawn to the name when I first started reading this blog, I love it, it makes me feel excited it gives the impression that the author of the blog Kara Haupt is truly excited to write it and engaged in the content and when you start to read it you can tell she really is. 

Kara has been blogging and scrap booking since the tender age of 12, her passion for creation has grown and continued as she is now a photography student. Her blog contains a really good mix of inspirational photography, tutorials, fashion, vintage and quirky fun things she finds and shares with her readers like Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. 

Impressed? Well you should be because not only is Kara a great blogger but she is not yet 20! I am so impressed by her motivation and dedication and am doubly impressed as she has such focus at a young age. When you visit her blog check out her series 40 before 20. 

I am really happy that Kara has agreed to write a guest blog post for me this September when I am off busy getting married and traipsing around Bali with my new husband! Thank you Kara xo

The following images are credited to Kara and a taster of I Might Just Explode;

I really love these red shoes

I did say this week was a roll over so I get to share another of my favourite blogs with you. There is so much talent out there but I just cannot help but choose the new look Smile and Wave this is the blog of working mum and expert crafter Rachel Denbow. I have been reading Smile and Wave now for a few years and was always a fan of the vintage home styling, craft projects and family life that Rachel shares with you. This is a really pretty and personal blog I reccomend a big cup of tea and a biscute and sit down and enjoy the read. I was a fan of the old look but was blown away by the re vamp. The new design really conveys the feel of the blog, vintage style, home spun style, family life and fashion. Once you have become a fan of Rachel’s style, when you have read the blog you will be you get to recreate her look by signing up to one of her e courses. She has three availible at the moment Style Your Space, Modern Patchwork & Home Ec. They are well priced and full of fun projects, as soon as I move I am purchasing Style Your Space

The images below are credited to Rachel Denbow and are a taster of Smile and Wave;

Pretty outfit! 

Love this crockery collection



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    June 7, 2011

    So sweet of you to share about me here! Thanks for letting me know! What a heart warming thing to read this morning. 😉

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    June 7, 2011

    Aw, thank you so much! What a lovely start to this dreary morning. <3