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Book Club for Busy Shy Types

I love to read, fiction, non-fiction, instruction leaflets – you name it. I love fiction because I love having access to another world and to see things through someone else’s eyes. I feel privileged to share in the lives of the characters in the story and miss them when the book ends. It is for those reasons that I have always wanted to attend a book club.

So why haven’t I. Well the two main reason are these; what if I don’t like the literary taste of the other members and end up having to read lots of books that I don’t like, and what if they don’t think I am smart enough. The later is total first day at school syndrome; I believe that no matter how confident we are we all suffer from this at some point in our lives. What if they laugh at my opinions? What if I can’t think of anything to say? What if bigger kids take my lunch money? Due to these worries I discussed starting my own reading circle with friends. We are similar people with similar tastes and we respect one another so all of my previous fears are void.

So why didn’t I start a book club with my friends? Well here’s why. I ran into a new problem we are a busy bunch. Trying to find a regular day we could all meet was impossible. Plus due to our varying schedules the time it would take us to finish a book was always different. People read at different paces and have schedules that change all the time.
Let me introduce to you the solution, an online book club for busy types. How will it work? I have set up an Archie & the Rug online community the link for which is here;
Step 1
Set up a profile for yourself and invite friends to join.
Step 2
Each time you read a book you can tell everyone in the community what you are reading. You can then start discussion threads about the book in general or specific themes of the book, (that part is up to you). Then others can join your discussion threads and you can search the community for discussion you may want to join. Simple!
This way you can read the books you want to read at your own pace.
The Rules!
  1. The first rule of book club is tell everyone about book club.
  2. The second rule of book club is no personal attacks. Everyone is entitled to an opinion please be constructive not destructive
  3. The third rule of book club is fiction only!

I have added my profile already and stated which book I am about to read. All that is left is for the community to grow. So join me and tell me what you are reading!
Take care,
Nicolette x

January 24, 2011
January 26, 2011