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Brighten Your Home With Accessories

I am not used to having my hands tied when it comes to decorating so whilst renting in Paris I have had to re-learn how to make a space my own without loosing a large deposit. Adding colourful and personal accessories is the best way to go. No wall damage and you get to take them all with you when you go. Throws, cushions, ornaments, but you need not stop with the decorative even practical items can add some personal flare to your home. I was delighted to team up with Red Candy whose tag line is ‘shut up beige’ to sample their accessories. 
I have been wanting a vintage phone for a long time. I grew up with turn dial phones, that were normally stuck to the wall in the hallway so there was no chance of privacy from your family. I had been looking on EBAY wanting to find an original one but most were beige. In addition to this the original turn dial becomes a bit of an issue in today’s society when you have to have at least a five minute chat with a robot that requires you to type in endless strings of numbers before you speak with a real person. I was convinced my love of original vintage over new retro pieces has its place but not here in phone land. Red Candy have a great collection of bright additions for your home with a real range of prices. Here is a selection to whet your appetite.
Although I almost went for the yellow phone in the image above I fell in love with the shade of blue on the trim phone. It has the original ringer sound that the model had in the 1970s with all the modern conveniences of last number redial and push buttons. It sits so well here in Paris and when I finish renovating my home it will sit in my office. The office will be full of colour pops so the phone is perfect. My little toddler Sebastian is also very impressed with the phone as you can see.
July 20, 2015