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Busy times, fun adventures & exciting news

What am I  looking at in this photograph you might be asking yourself. Well lets just say for sake of argument that I am looking at the future. I am in fact looking at someone water their window box, but for now we are going to stick with the explanation that I am looking at the future.
I suppose the biggest news really is that I am growing out my fringe. Prepare yourself for some fairly tragic halfway to nothing looks in the hair department. At the moment it is working being split to the side as it would cover my eyes if I wore it straight down as I have in the past. This is not a bad look, it is not the best look for my face shape and hair length but at the moment it is what it is. I will of course update you if I discover a pain free way of growing out your fringe. In fact if you have any tips, hints or suggestions link to them in the comment box below. Please do for my sake and the sake of ladies everywhere.
Times are busy I have been known to juggle more than one thing at a time but I am pushing  it even by my standards. That is why I made the decision not post every other day as I have in the past, sometimes daily. Fear not normal posting will resume soon. In fact it will resume as soon as I finish the first of my projects the blog redesign. This is almost there, for anyone of you out there who is a coder you will know that almost there can be a stage that can last quite a while, especially if something does not quite work. Debugging html code is the only thing worse than writing html code, with the exception of an ingrown toenail, or so I hear.
That is only one project, why the busy busy demeanour then. Well I have a few more thing on the go. One of which is learning to speak French, being here in Paris it was very quickly obvious that my level of French was just not good enough. There is a big leap from where I am now, and I hold my own, to holding a conversation. It is tough to learn something new and there is so much I need to take in and improve upon but I am up for the challenge and have the incentive.
Last but my no means least I am writing my first book. This is such exciting news and myself and my co-author are really excited and swamped. I will be sharing some more details about it as soon as I can. On top of everything we have some live events planned for the Autumn that we need to get ready for also. It NEVER stops round here.
There is one more bit of information but I will have to keep that one under my hat for a little longer. Life is busy but I do love the challenge and recognise that I am blessed to be able to do what I do. Please do not be fooled we full time bloggers work really hard and often without break all week, all year even. Even when we are having ‘down time’ it becomes a brainstorming session or a photography day whilst the light is good.
In the meantime keep checking back as you never know you might see a whole new design!
Take Care
Nicolette xo

June 8, 2013
June 19, 2013