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<Ceramic Plant Hanger>
As regular readers will have noticed there have been some changes here at Archie & The Rug. The left-hand side bar has gone so space had to be made elsewhere. I now have my social media links in the form of buttons under the updated picture of me. The button on the far right is a small v which takes you to a video of me being on the telly, exciting eh! If you watch the videos you get to hear how silly my voice sounds, everybody hates their own voice when they hear it back don’t they?
There is a new nav bar above the header and my archive pages are where the nav bar used to be. The whole design is just a bit cleaner and allowed my to make room for some new things. The first one being, I have a shop!. I have partnered with Great.ly to create an online shop filled with delightful products from independent designers and makers.
So how does it work? Think of Great.ly as an online warehouse. Makers apply to be part of that warehouse and I then fill my shop with stock. There are all sorts of wonders in my shop, here are just a few examples. The space will be updated regularly so remember to keep checking back and shop independent.
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<Hand Thrown Honey Pot>
Good morning sunshine printed pillow
<Printed Pillow>
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<Bright Modern Triangles>
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