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Christmas & New Year Address

So I was thinking every year the queen sits on telly and tells us all about her year. I may not be the queen but here on Archie & The Rug I am quite a big deal, so here, for those of you who are interested is my Christmas & New Years address. Happy Christmas Eve Eve people!
This has been the most eventful year of my life to date as this year, my son who was supposed to be born on Christmas day hung on until January 3rd. You can read some incredibly soppy mummy type posts about him here and here.
The birth of my son has made me address a number of things in my life, perhaps the most important being work schedules and career goals. Before he was born I was posting on here everyday, sometimes twice a day. As he became more mobile and more fun as well as infinitely more demanding that became unsustainable to maintain and still have quality posts. Around four months ago I was pretty close to having a breakdown. I had print deadlines for magazines, live events to present at and prepare for and the blog to maintain in addition to renovating a house. I am not living with a support network it is basically just me and, when free Joe. I love my baby but working full time had taken it’s toll. I would often hide in the toilet late at night and sob about how I was failing as a mummy & a career woman. I felt like I was not doing anything well, and I was always chasing my tail, and I felt that because it was true. I was grumpy at people who thought working from home was all sitting in pyjamas and drinking tea. I made a very important decision to slow down. I wanted to maintain quality so the frequency of posts had to change. This blog is the way that I get most of my other work so the quality has to reflect my best work.
Despite my mini breakdown and feeling like a failure I had quite a few successes. I had a really great time presenting at The Festival of Thrift and hope to return there next year. It was the only live event that I did this year due to baby Sebastian so I am pleased it was such a good one. I also had a 3 month guest column in Reloved Magazine as well as being interviewed for The Yorkshire post & Craftseller Magazine. I have started to write for Selfish Mother follow the link to read my first article. I also managed to win Highly Commended at the AMARA Interior Blog Awards in the category of best DIY blog.
2015 will be another great year, I have plans to move back to the UK. I will miss Paris and France, it has been a wonderful and unforgettable adventure, I have seen amazing places and met equally amazing people and fostered life long friends, but 10 months ago I bought a house, a beautiful home in my beloved Yorkshire and I am looking forward to creating and renovating and improving. If you follow me on Pinterest you will see some of my inspiration, I have also written about the house here; one//two//three//four//five//six//seven//eight.
I have a few projects in the pipeline for 2015 that I will have to keep on the downlow for now as I don’t want to jinx anything and things are in the very early talk stages on a number of projects.
On a personal note I managed to have 14 months clear of breast cancer and I am forever thankful to have my health back. I have a home to create, there is talk of chickens and I am considering another baby before my ovaries go into retirement. With all of this and blog transformations 2015 will be another busy one but above all Sebastian will take priority and I want to spend way more time with loved ones. I would love to hear what you have all been up to and plan for the new year.



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    Argentum Scriptor

    December 23, 2014

    What a year. Hope that you do manage to find the balance that will work for you while giving you the stimulus you need. Keep on writing. Love Tai

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    December 24, 2014

    Congratulations on all you've achieved this year Nicolette. I hope you'll be very happy in Yorkshire. I'm a Yorkshire lass and it's a great place to live in my humble opinion.
    I hope to complete the international diploma in crochet part 1 in 2015. Hopefully it will give me more confidence to teach the crochet lessons I've been asked to teach at my local craft shop.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    All the best for next year. x x