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Cork heat mat – diy

It is important to protect your kitchen surfaces and table top and I want to this, I really do but I have found it really difficult to find heat protection mats that I liked. The ones I did like were way out of my price range, darn my expensive taste small budget syndrome. This time my hoarding tendencies have paid off. I have corks from all over. I save them from restaurants, other peoples house when they are about to throw them away, from my time as a waitress and yes I have been known to drink the odd glass of wine myself. Needless to say I have a pretty tidy haul. With my up cycling hat placed firmly on my head I set to making my own heat mats.
you will need;
a collection of old corks
a glue gun
scraps of wood to act as a base
  1. This bit is the most tedious so you may want to split the task over a number of sessions depending on how many you are cutting. I made 4 mats so had quite a lot of cutting to do. With a hacksaw carefully split you corks lengthways ´╗┐down the centre.
  2. Next arrange your corks onto the wooden base.
  3. Now all you need to do is glue them into place with your glue gun and you are set.
Is there anything that you hoard that is just waiting to be used in a project?
Take Care
Nicolette xo