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Creative Calderdale – Sarah Mason

This is the first in a series of posts I am doing celebrating the immense amount of creativity we have here in Calderdale Valley. Yes I may be in Paris for the moment but I know where my heart is so I know where home is. In the land of Yorkshire pudding not baguettes. I feel truly blessed to have my home in a place that has such a large concentration of creative talent. Instead of feeling lost I feel it helps us all to keep our creative juices flowing and there are many shops and galleries in Calderdale and the surrounding areas that pride themselves of supporting local designer/makers and creatives.
The first person to step up to the plate in this new series of blog post is the wonderfully talented Sarah Mason, photographer and all round awesome lady. Sarah used to work in film and television and now runs her own photography business full time, when you look at her work it is easy to see why she gets so much work. Sarah shoots weddings, family portraits and commercial images. There is a harmonisation to her work that makes these different areas synonymous with her name. Sarah uses nature, the urban environment and light to make a simple photo recording an image become a story.
Sarah has launched an Autumn photography competition. The amazing prize is a family portrait shoot and 10 images. Follow the link and tell Sarah what your favourite Autumn memory is for a chance to win. 
Sarah has a number of packages to chose from but her personal approach to your wedding day will allow you to maintain an individual day and capture all those special moments. More and more people are breaking from tradition on their wedding day and having days that are tailor made to their needs and desires so having a photographer who is able to adapt to that and record the things that made your day your own is essential.
Her work in the commercial sector really does set product shots/business interior apart from the same old catalogue shots and I feel allows the viewer to get a feel for the product and ultimately desire it more that if they had gone down a more traditional route in terms of framing and selling. Showing off what you have made in the best and most creative way is just good marketing if you ask me.
Family and nature is a huge part of what I love about Sarah’s work. She has a few ideas that set her apart when it comes to family portraiture the first being the Dream for Life package. This is where your child gets to live out their dream fantasy and have it all recorded so they have those memories to look back on for the rest of their life. From a picnic in the woods with teddy bears to being a warrior  princess it is really up to them. Their imagination is your oyster.
The other package that Sarah offers that I really love is Life Through the Seasons. With this you get to do 4 shoots with your family documenting a year in the life of, well you guys. It is really important in my mind for a photographer to be able to capture images that are a true depiction of you and your family otherwise what is the point. This does not mean that you cannot stage a shot but there is a world of difference between those studio shots where your family is rushed in and rushed out and a photographer instruction you to make a set number of fixed poses and then photoshops you beyond recognition. Sarah manages to show you and your family as if she has a secret lens that sees all those private little moments of a look you and your partner share or the giggle of your child. Now those are the photos I want my home filled with.
I was lucky enough to have a maternity shoot with Sarah last week and as my increasing negative body image clouds my brain having a set of photos that I can see and think hey look I am pretty is a wonderful thing – yes this makes me sound like a massive girl and I am happy to admit that I am, (now with extra hormones). I cannot wait to share the results of the shoot with you.
I hop you have enjoyed this small sample of Sarah’s work and remember to enter her competition. I am glad I started this series and trust me when I say we have many more creative wonders to follow – it is just that sort of valley.
October 25, 2013
October 29, 2013


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    October 27, 2013

    Lovely post about Sarah's work. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from your shoot.