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Detox foods the right way

The holiday season is synonymous with excesses. We eat lots of the wrong (but admittedly delicious) foods, and drink more alcohol than we normally would. I want to start off by saying that I am against the idea that we can abuse our bodies one week and then simply detox the next week and all will be fine, that is a really unhealthy attitude to have and will not do you any good. Since I became ill 2years ago I spent quite a bit of my time researching healthy foods, foods that were renowned for clearing your bodies of toxins, foods that were vitamin and mineral rich, (the so called superfoods). As it turned out I incorporate most of those foods into my daily diet. I do not want to give you the impression that I am a supper healthy salad only type, that is far from true. I love cheese, chocolate, wine and other general nonsense. I also happen to love broccoli and spinach just as much. I have always been a firm believer that everything in moderation is the best way to go. I have real butter on my toast and I am doing just fine.

Although my food research showed me that I was eating the right foods it was useful to know what they were and their individual benefits. This has been and is especially useful whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer as it exhausts my body so I need an extra boost. I need to bulk up on these foods the same way an athlete bulks up before a race.

As I said earlier detox foods are not something you can simply use to erase the past but good food put into your body is never a waste. I am certainly not an advocate of the detox plans you can buy into from homeopathic stores where you starve yourself and drink tonics you have bought. Your body needs fuel and food is fuel.  I want to share recipes with you over the next couple of weeks that are great detoxing foods and show you that healthy food can still be mega tasty, nothing boring or bland in this house!

Take Care
Nicolette xo

January 7, 2013