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Driftwood window dressing

When you are living in a rental it can be hard to add your own personality to the place. After living in my own properties for years I have found it hard to adjust to being in a rental in Paris and not having free reign over the walls. There are still ways to update your rented home here is a craft that does just that. It is also a craft that has been a long time in the making. I collected some great bits of driftwood years ago just waiting for the right project for them.
Here is what the window space looked like before.
Although the apartment has great light, which I love the sheer curtain that was already up did let the light in but the corner was still a little dark for my liking, plus I just didn’t like the  curtain.

Here is the driftwood before I added colour.

All I had to do was wrap the driftwood with spare embroidery floss and secure the end with a little hot glue. I screwed small eyes into the top of each piece of wood so that I could hang them at the window.

I love having the wood and the flashes of colour up at the window. They allow so much more light in and casts some really pretty shadows too. Have you dressed a window in an unusual way share the link in the comments section below.
August 15, 2013