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Eat well and go outdoors

Goodness in leads to goodness out, a simple input output theory – with room for the occasional slip up. In all honesty I am a true believer that we shouldn’t deny ourselves cupcakes or hot chocolate or a summertime cider slushy. A few simple rules that I live by; 1. All things in moderation, 2. Homemade is always best (when you make it yourself you know exactly what is in there) 3. Go outdoors. I have dogs so I have to to daily walks but even if I didn’t I would do. Even when it is cold and snowy, wrap up and take a walk outside, you will feel better for it. A lot of my work is done from home and I would go stir crazy without a little outside time. 

Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I really believe that a healthy lifestyle has helped give me the strength to fight it. That and the love of those around me. 
I saw this sign in Scotland and it made me smile – in my mind fish, chips and peas is a junk food treat.

Nothing makes me smile more than sitting down to a home cooked meal with people I love.

Out for winter walks with friends

Why not set yourself the challenge to eat home cooked for 2 weeks – easy right! Check out 2 of my favourite food blogs, other than my own of course, a shameless plug I know. Just click on recipes in the tag cloud to your right and these highlighted links. Food Coma by Emma Chapman and Delicious Days by Nicky and Oliver.