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Elephant soft toy – craft diy

Hands up anyone who makes mistakes with the laundry. It’s not just me then. Shrinking jumpers is my thing, I don’t mean to it just happens sometimes. All is not lost as there are a wealth of things that you can make with a shrunken jumper. I was inspired by my wooden elephant to make a soft toy.

After finding my inspiration I drew the elephant shape. I decided to make the ears from mismatching cotton scraps. After cutting out my 2 sides I stitched it up right sides together making sure to leave a gap so that you can turn your creature the right way round and stuff it.
Now that it is the right way round you can stuff your creature. You will need to attach you two buttons for eyes. I decided to slightly stuff the ears with polystyrene beads to give them a little substance. I made the ears separately to the main body and attached them by hand so that they can move independently.
Let me know what creature you decided to make from your jumper/laundry related mishaps.
Take Care
Nicolette xo


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    Marina Curtis

    October 5, 2014

    Thanks for sharing beautiful post, I appreciate your creativity and made a beautiful elephant toy for keeping at drawing room or bedroom. I liked so much, now I'm thinking to make this for my room with my own hands. For this, I have Polystyrene beads in the bean bag. I'm ready to do it by using your article.