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Fancy a quickie?

Okay so the title implied something a little more exciting and rude than it actually is. It is the weekend and you can spruce up an office space without spending hours on the craft. Since moving to Paris I have been learning lots about making a rental space your own. It has been so long since I have been in one and in all honesty in my student days the clashing tastes and messy boys I lived with did not make a lot of home improvements possible. Although I am only here for another year I still have a desire to nest. I work from home so I suppose that adds to how important my surroundings are to me.
I have many more projects planned that I will share with you but this little office pen pot is just a quick yet effective fix.
you will need;
a craft knife
mod podge
decorative paper
an empty pot, such as one from hot chocolate powder
method; (get set for how quick this is)
  1. Cut decorative paper to size. Stick down and seal with mod podge.
  2. Wait to dry and use with pride. So quick you could probably knock up 3/4!

November 3, 2013