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Festival Of Thrift – Round Up

When I first decided to embark on my upcycled room project I was heavily pregnant, when it came to fruition I had a bouncy, crawling baby to consider. What I wanted to achieve from the project was to inspire people to upcycle in their own homes. I wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to upcycle regardless of your level of skill. That was the reason that I had everything from re purposed thermos flask vases to a complex sling chair and polished concrete coffee table.
The whole festival was alive with creativity, my only disappointment was that I did not have enough time to explore all the areas and eat all of the lovely smelling food. Nevertheless I was brimming with pride to be part of such a great festival. I am a huge fan of the ethos and seeing so many people inspired by what there saw was deeply satisfying. On the Saturday I was helped by an angel called Bernie who runs her own business called Pimp My Pine, I really could not have finished without her all of her help. 
These are images from Den Of Uniquity and the man himself, he repairs engines and with the parts left over he creates unique items for your home.
Despite being incredibly busy with my project I did get a chance to visit some of the amazingly creative stalls and even had time to buy myself a dress.
I have some wonderful ideas for next years festival, I hope to see you there!

November 2, 2014