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Filing Drawer Makeover

Sometimes simplicity is key. This project is another one that I undertook at the Festival Of Thrift 2014. It was my aim to showcase upcycling projects that covered every skill level so that everyone could become engaged with, and embrace upcyling in their home. This project is a perfect example. A roadside find that needed a facelift, and a clean was the perfect candidate for showing that anyone, yes anyone can upcycle. Here is a look at the drawers before, a hurried phone photograph.
My only disappointment with this project was the handles. Ideally I would have removed them before spraying, for ease but alas the old screw heads were rusted and the threads no more. Instead I was left with the painstaking task of covering each handle in frog tape, careful to leave all the drawers uncovered and getting clean lines on the edges.
I only had small amounts of various blues so spraying small drawers were the ideal way to use them up. 
A note on preparing your surface, clean with sugar soap and wipe the residue off. Also make sure you spray outside on a day that is not too windy. They are going to look really great in my new office space.
October 18, 2014
October 23, 2014