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Fill Your Walls

I get a lot of feedback from my blog and presenting work. It is interesting to me the broad spectrum of people that stop by here. Some of you tell me that you come back for the recipes, others for the craft, one woman told me that her husband is my biggest fan as after discovering my blog she didn’t spend so much on magazines. That one made me smile and it was also a huge compliment, in fact I am complimented every time I check my stats. One of the things that I get from time to time is that some of you stop by to look at the pictures, like to feel inspired but do not feel confident enough in your own abilities. That is one of the reasons I started to create posts with simple suggestions for putting your own art into your homes, my previous post Afternoon Wall Art had a great response. One of my readers sent me a photo of her version from the Afternoon Wall Art post, it looks so good Hannah that I am sharing it with everyone,  (don’t worry I checked this with her first guys).
We all love making our homes nice and having it filled with personal memories, an Etsy print that was a wedding gift, a framed photograph of your baby holding your finger, but having something you have made yourself is the most personal way to decorate your home of all.
Not everyone is great at drawing but everyone can write! I love language, I can chat all day, in fact the collective noun for myself and one of my besties Lucy is the witter vortex. I also love language and words in art and have always used them. The perfect thing about using words is that you use the words that are pertinent to you. A word or a phrase that is important or a private joke between you and your partner.
These two pieces are phrases that are important to me right now. Since the birth of my baby boy I really do feel like happily ever after encapsulates how I feel everyday, regardless of how little sleep I may have had. Smile more is born from the fact since learning to smile he uses them all the time but gets upset if he looks at you and you are not smiling. 
To make happily ever after I simply cut the letters out from patterned paper and stuck them down. I could have hand drawn the second piece but I had just bought the perfect font that I wanted to try out an it has a really nice hand drawn quality to it. It is called Quarry and was bought from My Fonts.
I hope you have fun making words for your walls.

April 22, 2014
April 26, 2014