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Flying swallows headband

mod podge craft
For those of you saw the headband I wore in my maternity style post and though hey that is a nice headband, then this post will make you happy as it shows you how to make your own. With my ever changing hair as I patiently growing my fringe out I am continually looking for new ways to wear my it. In finding ways to wear my hair I have started to craft new hair accessories. I had received some very pretty ribbon on the front of Cloth magazine a while back and had not yet found a use for it, until now. I miss Cloth magazine.
With this ribbon, a scrap of leather, glitter and mod podge I was ready.
glitter headband craft diy
  1. The first thing I did was make a drawing of a flying swallow inspired by the print on the ribbon.  You can download the template to use. On the left of this blog is a new button where all the down loadable patterns and templates will be from now on.
  2. free pattern template
  3. Once you have cut your template cut as many as you like in the leather.
  4. Sew the swallows to your ribbon, you can use any ribbon you choose. 
    make a leather headband
  5. Next coat your leather swallows with glue and sprinkle with glitter. I chose to do the swallows in stages to ensure they did not stick together and got an even coating of glitter and glue.
    how to make a glitter headband
  6. Once coated with glitter top with a light coating of mod podge. This will dry clear and will prevent glitter from coming off.
    make your own ribbon headband
  7. Once dry repeat the process with the central bird. You can add more birds if you choose, it may look quite pretty to have them going across your whole head.
  8. When the entire headband is dry it is ready to wear.
how to make a glitter headband

November 25, 2013
November 28, 2013