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Go to work on an egg – beauty

Last week I shared some of my skin tips with you. I like to make things myself, this is not new information I know but I am aware that sometime things require specialist equipment or ingredients. An example of this is the post I shared with you last year as to how to make your own soap. Not everyone has lye around the house as standard. I wanted to share with you a few natural cosmetics you can make for yourself with things that everyone will have in the house starting with this one.
Now then back in the day they used to advise in the UK that we all “Go to work on an egg” not literally of course. Then our lives became more sedentary we all got cars and desk jobs and the public service announcements said that an egg a day was too much. Frankly I find it hard to keep up with the latest directives so I ignore them and eat what feels right for me. Getting back to eggs though, they are a great source of cosmetic treatment and you get two for the price of one egg.
Face mask;
Separate your egg. Lightly whist the egg white like it is shown in the picture above and then use that egg foam as a mask. Apply the foam to a clean face and keep your hair pinned off your face. Leave this on your face until it is completely dry. This will feel really odd. Once it is dry rinse off and moisturise as normal. The egg white will absorb any excess oils and tighten pores helping to prevent them from getting clogged.
Now for the egg yolk! Egg yolks are great for your hair because they are filled with protein and your hair is made from protein. You can do 2 things with this egg yolk, use it as an intensive hair mask or a leave in conditioner/shine spray. I will share both of these with you.
Hair Mask;
Take your egg yolk, 1 tbsp. of olive oil or coconut oil if you have it. (If you have very long/thick hair you may need to add more oil and another egg yolk). Heat the oil through. When it is still warm but not hot mix it through with the egg yolk and apply to your hair and scalp. This is a messy job, be warned! Cover your head in a plastic bag or plastic shower cap and wait for 30 -40mins before washing your hair as normal.
Leave in conditioner/shine spray;
I say shine spray but it will not spay it is more of an alternative. Take your egg yolk, 1 tbsp. olive oil and 6oz of water. Gently heat these through in a pan. Apply to washed damp hair. Pay special attention to the ends and avoid the scalp and roots with this one. Now blow dry your hair and it will be really soft and shiny. Another tip for shiner hair is blow dry on a cooler setting. Use this no more than once a week.

There you go three really great natural beauty treatment from one humble egg. If you have any other egg tips be sure to leave a link in the comment box or message me.

Take Care
Nicolette xo

February 7, 2013
February 13, 2013