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Guest Bedroom Inspiration

The guest bedroom up in the attic is something I am excited to show you, in truth the whole place excites me but oddly enough although it is only a guest room it may be my favourite room in the house. Since I was around ten years old I have had the fondest memories of a retreat house in Bollington. It is such a beautiful place and there is something about this room that smells like that house. I am a great believer in sense memory so this room smells of fond memories. I want to give it the care and attention that it needs.

This room, like all the others is large enough to take a double bed, you get to a stage in your life when having spare single beds just does not cut it because all of your friends have paired up. There is quite a bit of space which means quite a bit of scope for fun things to happen in here. There is also heaps of  storage space in the eaves. Overall I want this room to be a home from home to anyone staying in it. A real cottage feel with lots of blankets, some old books and subtle lighting.

When I started to think about colours for the room I was drawn to muted tones such as Dove Tale & Skimming Stone pictured below.
As the room is a homage or a re-creation of past memories I began to wonder how easy it would be to find vintage wallpaper, genuine vintage not retro styled. It was easier than I thought. Here are some links to vintage wallpaper sites.; one // two // three // four. The first image is a beautiful example of vintage wallpaper and a homely country cottage feel without the room being overly ‘styled’.
So here is my plan, choose a wall to paper, currently I am thinking the one where the door is. I have two reasons for choosing this wall, as I am searching for vintage wallpaper sometimes there is not a lot of a particular design left so to choose the wall with a door I will require less paper.The second being it is the wall you see from the bed so the wall where it can be most thoroughly enjoyed. Once I have set my heart on a paper I can build my colour selections around that. Job done. Well job planned.
I want to find as much old furniture for this room as possible, I have a great start with the gentleman’s wardrobe and donated blanket box. The wardrobe started life as a wardrobe, turned into a craft cupboard and in this room will take on yet another new purpose when it gets a new paint job, but I will save that for the reveal as somethings you just have to see.
Now that the leaky velux window has been replaced in this room there is no more building work to be done and we already have most of the furniture, so this room may be high on the agenda.

August 31, 2014
September 6, 2014