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Hallumi & olive en croute

I am always looking for new ways to enjoy cheese. As much as I could eat fried Hallumi all day, (as a brief aside I have a great set of cheese jokes I will share with you one day – You Tube beckons), it is nice to find a new way to serve this deliciously salty cheese. This recipe is so tasty, yet so simple and quick to prepare.
you will need;
250g puff pastry
200g hallumi
180g marinated artichokes
60g black olives sliced
2tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped
salt and pepper
1 lemon
  1. Preheat your oven to 180C. Roll out your pastry to round 1/4 inch thick. Try to keep a nice rectangles shape. If you go terribly wrong trim the pastry and use the scraps for cheesy twists.
  2. Place the pastry onto a baking sheet and score a line around 2 finger widths in from the edge like a frame. Remember it is important not to go all the way though the pastry. Once you have made your frame take a fork and stab the central section all over, this time you can go all the way through.
  3. Set the pastry aside and prepare your filling. In a bowl put the cubed cheese, sliced olives,  chopped artichokes, chopped parsley, lemon zest and juice.
  4. Season this to your taste, remember the cheese is naturally salty. Add a tbsp. of the oil from the marinated artichokes and mix all of this together thoroughly.
  5. Spread this mixture over the pierced section of the pastry. If you like you can brush the ‘frame’ of the pastry with a little milk or beaten egg.
  6. Place in the centre of the oven for around 20 minutes or until the pastry turns a golden brown.
Take Care
Nicolette xo