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Hand printed journals

When I was on my art foundation course I did lots of printing. It was something that I continued to do as a practicing artist, in fact I joined a group studio so that I could develop my printing skills in other areas, at the studio I had access to specialist equipment such as hotbeds and lithographic presses for example. I really want to see to what level I can continue to print at home without much space and without expensive and often large equipment.
For my first experiment with home printing I decided to keep it simple and used cheap materials too!
I used a lino carving tool and a craft knife but it is possible to make your stamps with just a craft knife. To Print with your stamps use any ink stamps that you can pick up in any supermarket or stationers. I used blue and black.  I am forever keep notes and making creative plans so I am in constant need of pretty journals to keep my notes in. I was really good fun to decorate these books and great to see the effect that can be achieved with simple motifs.
I added Decorative spines onto two of the books with layers of washi tape. I am not getting tired of washi tape any time soon, who would?
Take Care
Nicolette xo

June 21, 2013