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Handmade Birthday Cheques

It is my little sisters birthday soon, she will be turning into a teenager! So I wanted to give her something personal and special to mark this landmark occasion. Because her birthday falls so close to Christmas all of he treats are close together and she is left with little to look forward to. I wanted to give her a gift that could last for longer that her actual birthday so I decided to make her some birthday cheques.
I love the idea of birthday cheques as they don’t have to cost the earth, the gift of time can be just as heartfelt. Back when  was a poor student, not that I am drowning in cash now, I used to make vouchers for people as gifts. They might be babysitting vouchers or ironing, things that didn’t cost anything but would mean lots to the person receiving them.
I have made a cheque book and cheques for my sister with various gifts, some of them will cost me money when she redeems them and other are simply the gift of time. They will be a wonderful way for her to make her birthday fun last. 

Here is how I made them;

You will need

  • some thin card
  • good quality cartridge paper
  • decorative paper
  • glue
  • a ruler & a pair of scissors
  • a craft punch – any shape
  • coloured pens
  • a small button and a length of embroidery floss
1. First I cut 24 cheques from the cartridge paper, you cut the number that you need. I made mine 9inches wide x 4inches high.

2. Then cut 2 pieces from the card to work as your folder, make these slightly larger than the cheques themselves. I cut my card 1/2 inch larger making them 4.5 x 9.5

3. Use your craft punch to cut out shapes for your cheques from the decorative paper. I chose to have 1 large circle per cheque. You can use any shape and add more than 1 if they are smaller shapes.
4. When you have done this stick the shape/s on the left hand side of each cheque. Now the wording. I went for the same wording at the top and bottom of the cheque. You can make this personal to you, don’t write the international bank of sisters if they are for your best friend or grandma!


In the centre of the general wording you can put what the cheques is for. I chose to do all of the wording on my cheques to be multi-coloured but you can keep it black and maybe use a nice italic pen – be creative with it.

5. To make the folder you will need to take an additional sheet of decorative paper larger than the 2 pieces of card when they are laid end to end, see below;

6. Fold the paper neatly like you are wrapping a gift, (see fig 1). Now stick the end of the embroidery floss to the right hand side of the folder, (see fig 2). On the left hand side sew the small button to the front of the folder, (see fig 3).

(fig. 1) 
(fig. 2)
(fig. 3)
7. Then take an another piece of the same or co-ordinating paper and stick it to the inside. this piece will cover the end of the embroidery floss and the stitching from where you placed the button.
8. Pop your cheques inside and secure the folder using the embroidery floss and button fastening.

Take Care
Nicolette xo
January 20, 2011
January 24, 2011