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Handmade Clay Gift Tags

Making your own gift wrapping is deeply satisfying, when you see the gifts under the tree looking all pretty. Making adornments that you can reuse, or that can be kept by the person you give the gift to is just an added bonus. I for one reuse the pom poms that people don’t want to keep.  
These clay tags are a great way to write a permanent message to a loved one and are incredibly simple to make.
you will need;
1 block white fimo/sculpy
a smooth roller/glass
alphabet stamps/darning needle
household knife
  1. Roll your clay out leaving it at least a 1/4inch thick.
  2. Using a knife cut out your desired tag shapes and sizes. This will depend on what you want to say and how large the gift is.
  3. Using alphabet stamps, such as the ones pictured above, I picked mine up on Ebay. Alternatively you can use a darning needle to write your message. Remember to make a hole at the top so you can thread your tag.
  4. Bake your clay according to the instructions on the packet.
When my tags were cooled I painted an iridescent acrylic gel medium over the top to give them a shine, this is purely optional.

December 18, 2013