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Home Tour – Before (the ground floor)

There has been quite a bit of progress in the house although considering what I started with there is still a very long way to go. I thought I would give you a before tour of each floor, starting with the ground floor, well it seems like the most logical place to start. I made a sketch of the floor plan up above, it is rough around the edges and not in any way to scale but it will give you a good idea of what is where. 
Now the first bone of contention, the front door, or as I call it the back door. You see the back door is now used as the main entrance as the Victorian build now has a new road at the rear. Joe insists that this means the back door is the front door and vice versa. My argument is that just because you use a door more through choice it does not become the front of the house, especially when the original front door is such a grand entrance, you can see here. Whatever it becomes it opens into a utility room pictured below. The inspiration for this space can be seen in this post. This room will be a laundry room, kitchen overspill and yes the entrance. So many things to be done, new door, new floor, plastering and decorating. If you look at the floor plan you can see there is a boiler room off the utility and this will become my darkroom. I am very excited about this I had one years ago under the stairs but this is the first house since then I have had space for one.
When you look back at the utility from the hall you can see that when the door is closed it will bock most of the light, for that reason I am planning to change it to one that has glazing at the top. The space that you can see to the right is the entry to the cellar there was also a second door to the lounge which has already been blocked off as it was surplus to requirements. The door you can see to the left leads to the kitchen.
Yes those sliding doors are ugly, and yes they are going along with most things. The kitchen is hand built solid wood but will have a thorough updating. The sliding doors lead to the dining room that has amazing bay windows and bags of space. There is lots of work to do there too. It is an exciting space and I managed to find a great 10 person table! I love entertaining and I can’t wait to fill the table with friends and their bellies with food.

I have already started to look at paint colours as you can see from the splodges.

This is the other view of the hall and the most beautiful porch door. The door on the right is the one that takes you to the dining room and the one on the left takes you to the living room.
victorian glazed door
period home renovation
Marble fireplace
So in the living room this fire surround has already been replaced with one that is smaller and more in proportion to the room and designed by myself. To the right of the fireplace is a really sweet little window pictured below. I love the little quirks and features you find in an older property.
Victorian glazed window

The door on the right has been blocked off as it made no sense for how we will use the room. I am toying with moving the radiator too.

period home renovation

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the ground floor I cannot wait to start showing you the progress, and the rest of the floors.