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Homemade Cormeal Scrub

Just a quickie this Friday guys. It does not look like the most appetising bowl of goodness does it? Well good because you aren’t going to eat it. Did I ever tell you that my sister and brother in law love the sea and sea creatures in fact they got engaged whilst diving, how cute is that? Well I myself am petrified of the sea it scares me beyond sense and am rarely seen in it but I have nothing against sea creatures I like to watch them on documentaries and wish them no harm. That is why when I read that many of the body and facial scrubs contain particles that don’t degrade and end up in the sea harming the sea creatures I decided to find a natural alternative.
The benefit of this scrub is 3 fold. We have already established the sea creature benefit but it is also way way cheaper than buying fancy scrubs in the shop and thirdly it is all natural so no chemicals on you or washed down the plug. This scrub I used on my face and body in the shower and I did come out feeling all glowing.
Want to make your own? Simply mix a tablespoon of fine cornmeal (polenta) with a dash of olive oil and a very small amount of warm water and mix into a paste. Now it is ready to use why not give it a try this weekend.
Take Care 
Nicolette xo