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Homemade salt scrub

I promised I would be back with more skincare tips and my word is my bond as they say, or at least I would say if I was a swashbuckler I imagine. I am no stranger to shop bought products and am willing to try new things but I equally like to keep things natural. My granny had beautiful skin in fact all the ladies in my family of her generation did and my word they kept things simple. I think there is lots to be said for keeping it simple and natural. Sometimes messing with your skin so much can be an irritant in itself. This is especially true for exfoilents.
I have combination skin so I can get very dry patches. I do believe a facial scrub is essential, especially now that we live in this day and age when even here where I live in a rural area there is a lot of pollution from cars etcetera. To date I have not found a facial scrub on the shop shelve that is not too harsh on my skin, the very mild ones don’t appear to exfoliate at all. Where is my happy medium. Don’t panic it is in my kitchen, and yours too.
You will need;
1dessert spoon vitamin E oil (optional)
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 cup unbleached sugar
2 cups course sea salt
  1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix.
  2. Place your scrub into a glass jar.
See how simple. This will keep for months in your bathroom. I have found that it is so mild you can you it more than once a week if necessary. The oil will naturally sink to the bottom all you have to do is stick your finger in a swish around until it is mixed up. It is also a great scrub for your hands, people always forget about their hands. One important thing to remember is to use pure olive oil not blended. Olive oil is great for your skin and does not clog it, others are not so good.
Take Care
Nicolette xo


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