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How To Choose The Right Floor

How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com
Ever since I bought my first house I have been a fan of simply ripping up carpet and sanding floorboards. Simple, effective and cheap! However in this house I have found myself looking at practicalities, I have even found myself laying carpet. 
After spending a winter in this beautiful but cold and draughty house it became immediately apparent that simply sanding the floorboards in the lounge would not offer sufficient insulation. The cellars are under the lounge and we were actually getting a breeze, not a draught, an actual breeze. So I began to look at the alternatives. Laminate? No thank you it would would look so out of place given the age our home. Carpet? There are many carpets on the market but I live in a semi rural location with a dog, toddler and a garden, a carpet in a reception room is not a practical option. I considered solid wood flooring which I thought would be the look and feel of floorboards but with added insulation, I was mistaken. After ordering countless samples I discovered that solid wood flooring looks like laminate but costs more, what is the point in that?
How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com
After feeling a little fatigued on the flooring front I suddenly had an epiphany, a stone floor.I decided to go to Mandarin Stone to look at my options. I was overwhelmed by the choice there but I kept being drawn to the slate flooring. There are so many advantages to having a slate floor in a reception room that I was surprised I had not thought of it sooner. Okay so I know what you are all thinking so let’s get it out of the way; “won’t a slate floor be cold under foot?” Well actually yes it won’t be as warm as carpet or wood but it is not as cold as you might think. Slate is a thick, dense natural stone, it is laid on hardboard and a waterproof membrane so the cellar draught will be well and truly taken care of. There are so many benefits of a slate floor in a lounge, it is super hard wearing so it will stand up to the dog and little ones tramping all over it.

How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com

Slate offers up a variety of different options in terms of colour and style to suit anything from full on  rustic to a contemporary look.

How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com

Let’s talk about price. After looking at so many flooring options the price of slate is not bad. It is certainly one of the cheaper options when it comes to real stone. It was even cheaper than many of the solid wood flooring that I looked at. I will have to down tools though and let a pro fit it unlike a wooden floor I do not feel confident to lay it myself so you do need to take installation costs into account, however a good slate floor can last you a lifetime and solid wood flooring will not.

How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com

The staff at the Wilmslow showroom of Mandarin Stone really were above and beyond. I was torn between 3 different ranges. I was able to move the tile samples around the store to see them in different lights, they were very accommodating to my indecisive nature. They prepared 3 different quotes for each range, for two different pattern styles. You see you can lay your flooring in a variety of patterns, different patterns are available depending on the tile you choose. All in all I had 6 quotes in front of me and there was not much between them so I went with my gut and chose the Rustic Grey.

How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com

My lounge will be a deep blue with lots of dark furniture and the rustic grey offered up a real variation in colour with flecks of rust and sage, I cannot wait to see it in my home!

And this is the pattern I decided on for the tiles.

How To Choose A Lounge Floor Natural Slate www.archieandtherug.com

I felt like somewhat of a stone expert after leaving the showroom, okay that is an exaggeration but the staff really spoke to me in great detail about the different stones, how to care for them and gave me information for my fitter. I left with many samples, even a sample of the sub straight so that my builder can have a look at it prior to fitting.

So when you look into choosing a floor these are the questions you need to ask yourself;

  • What is my budget?
  • Is this a high traffic area?
  • How long do I need my flooring to last?
  • What insulation do I need from the flooring?

After I had answered all of these questions the answer was unequivocally slate. If you are worried that a slate floor will stop your lounge looking warm and cozy keep your eyes peeled as after I have decorated and styled the space you will change you mind.

*this post was worked on for Mandarin Stone but all of the opinions are honest and my own.