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How to Create Areas Of Interest In Your Home

Wine Box Makeover
I am reluctant to call this a craft DIY as the crafting side of it involved re-purposing an item and using a couple of screws to hang it up, fairly simple. It is, however, still a ‘how to’ and I am glad it is as it is such a pretty little area of my home and I really wanted to share it with you.  So often when we think about decor in our home we think of big things like; new carpets, paint colours, sofas but it’s the small details that make your home your home and keeps it unique. Let me share a story with you that I hope inspires you to look at tiny areas and unusual items in a new light.
I know I mention my home renovation every 5 – 10 seconds but it is pretty life consuming at the moment, you should try being married to me, poor Joe is presented with so many colour chips, radiator valves, lighting cords etc. Deep down I believe he thinks they all look the same and is regretting asking to be involved. The truth of the matter is that this renovation will take a while as even DIY is not free, I know mind blowing right! I am fighting every day to keep the place safe for a very active 2 year old, I am also trying to make our house a home so we do not feel that we live in a building site, (even though we do), as that is rather soul destroying. The trouble is you don’t want to spend valuable time and cash on areas that you will have to rip out when you do final work.
urban jungle bloggers
urban jungle bloggers
One area that I love in this house is the large landing in between the first floor bedrooms, it is like an extra room, in fact it is about the size of box rooms in flats I have rented. The landing has a large south facing window so is bright and lovely. One of my favourite Sunday activities in Paris is to visit the flea market at Porte De Vanves not far from our apartment. At this market you often find 1€ and 2€ boxes of ‘junk’, often broken items, but on one occasion I found a wine box. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but a 2€ wine box if seen should be bought, I think it is a rule. I knew that this landing area would become a reading nook before I bought the house and the wine box is the perfect size for a small wall mounted bookcase topped with a pretty house plant.
picture fixings
All I did was attach the fixings, (pictured above), to the back using short screws. I drilled into the wall and put rawlplugs and very long screws to support the weight, hung the box, filled it with books and popped the plant on top. I still need to find a pretty plant pot to replace the bowl it is standing in but all in all it brightens up the corner and is an area of calm in the building site. I will have fun swapping the books around and it will be a cute area that guests can sit in and enjoy the views over the hills or read a book.
winebox bookcase
urban jungle bloggers
wine box bookcase diy
The hall will need painting and Lincrusta replacing as it is damaged but this craft can survive that it is just like re painting a room that has pictures up. I think the wine box bookcase/shelf is there to stay.
wine box bookcase diy
So next time you go hunting at a flea market or even before you throw items out stop and think can I re purpose this, you don’t even have to be crafty to re purpose, just determined. Then your house will be filled with small areas of interest too.
January 30, 2016
February 20, 2016